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No wonder you want to get a tattoo - don't we all? Still, are you aware of the risks involved if you do not take proper precautions?
The tattoo business is becoming an enormous industry these days. But it wasn't more than a few years ago that too many tattoo artists were not using authorized tattoo colours and not always taking the proper sterilization precautions during the process. This became a problem for the tattoo artists trade union as bad practices backfired on the business in general.

Miljøministeriet (The Environmental Protection Agency) called for information action and initially TBWA & BBDO teamed the ministry up with the tattoo artists trade union in order to secure union back up for the campaign. Tattoo artist are proud people and we considered it essential to include them in the strategy development in order for them to accept and support a governmental information campaign on their business.
Thus having secured trade support for the campaign TBWA & BBDO developed the catchy tagline 'Think Before You Ink' leading to a website still being active today - four years after campaign rollout. On the website tattoo prospects were advised on what to be aware of and which precautions to take when considering a tattoo. They could also upload photos to see if planned tattoos were looking nice. The website was supported by PR and online advertising.

Effect measurement in the target group (youngsters considering to get a tattoo) clearly indicated an increased knowledge of the risks of nuisances caused by poor tattooing such as allergy, infections and skin cancer.

See the website here