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Organic becomes a thing for everyone, because it is what's best for us.
Arla Harmonie's brand positioning on the market was unclear, the public did not understand it's differentiation nor its vast efforts within the production of organic milk.

Arla Harmonie's position on the market as an organic producer had to be clarified and strengthened.
Overall the consumer had little knowledge about organic production and there was a lack of informed or qualified information about Arla's involvement in this. This needed to be changed, we were therefore tasked with creating a image campaign. This campaign would run on national television, proudly it still runs today.
As the world's largest producer of organic dairy products, Arla makes a big difference to the environment and to animal welfare. Their core approach is to deliver quality organic products that aren't heavy on the pocket.

Their attitude was that they could not accomplish this alone. It requires both skilled farmers, modern retailers and that consumers embraced organic milk products.

Strategically, it was decided that engagement would be encouraged through the shared responsibility and in turn by making Arla and the consumer the solution.
Arla Harmony's new position became 'organic for everyone'.

Through price and distribution, Arla Harmonie - and those who buy the brand - help make the world a better place. With Arla Harmonie you can make a difference.