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As cars grow older, there are less focus on service maintenance.
Ejner Hessel chose to lower their service prices on older Mercedes-Benz cars, to motivate owners to still use a Mercedes-Benz dealership for service and repairs.

Instead of separating the cars on age (e.g. +4 years), Ejner Hessel have decided to separate them by distinguishing between expired models and current models. That means: All passenger cars that have been replaced by a new one can receive service at a reduced price.
The task that TBWA & BBDO had to undertake the task to communicate in an easy way who can get service at reduced prices. Tarketgroup: Owners of older Mercedes-Benz passenger Cars.

The solution: A campaign called "Jealousy Discount" was launched showing both the old and new model -the old model get the attestation and the discount.