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Rikke has worked with production and graphic design for many years. She has gained a broad experience from working on different projects and brands, including layout, project management and finance. Rikke is managing her own tasks and sometimes others' as well, and jobs are always delivered perfectly and on time.

She is the go-to-girl if you have any questions about production, graphical design or to consult if you have any technical questions, or for that matter if you just have a question. Rikke is also our Health and Safety representative here at TBWA\COPENHAGEN. Last but not least, she loves when things are in order.

Previously, she was Graphic Designer and Production Manager at PR MEDIA, publisher of various free magazines like Mode-Magasinet, Børne-Magasinet (Fashion), Ro's Torv (Shopping mall) and Kranz & Zielger (Jewellery). Began the career journey at From&Co, a printing House based on quality. She also worked with Georg Jensen, Royal Copenhagen, Bruun Rasmussen and many more.