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Vito Vito, an original re-make
The Vito Van is a classic and wanted to increase engagement in the vans community to chip at the competitors' share-of-voice. Mercedes-Benz wanted to get involved in the much-anticipated Melody Grand Prix by aligning their classic, with a musical classic.
Although it is 37 years ago that Jens Brixtofte and the band Brixx won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix with the song "Video Video," most of us can still sing along with the song about the video machine that runs night and day.

As the 2019 Melody Grand Prix, is just around the corner Mercedes-Benz seized the opportunity to pay homage to this classic tune by relaunching the immortal hit as "Vito Vito" - re-recorded by Jens Brixtofte behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz Vito, of course!
Original texts, a new recording and music video were created with Jens himself in the lead role (along with the Vito van), from "Video Video" now "Vito Vito," replaces the main chorus.

For many people, the van is a workplace and a place where you spend many hours every day. In a busy day-to-day life, it must both act as a safe and comfortable means of transport, warehouse, lunch room and office - and therefore it is precisely an everyday life behind the wheel that the music video is based on.

Racking up to over 50.000 views (and counting), within the first 48 hours, mentions across the board and a wildly engaged audience, with an overwhelmingly positive comments section, need we say more?