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Underground requires no compromise - big flavours, low-calories.
Underground Ice Cream, which brought a new ice cream culture to Denmark in the 1970s is being relaunched in a new design with inspiration from the old logo. The ice cream is still produced with good quality ingredients, but now comes in a low-calorie variant.
Underground Ice Cream aims to own the position as the ice cream’s category answer to ice cream with great taste and a low number of calories.

Life is too short for boring ice cream. It is just as true today as it was in 1977, when four students from Aarhus traveled to New York and got the idea for Underground Ice Cream, which took Denmark by storm.
To the delight of all ice cream fans, Premier Is is now relaunching the revolutionary Underground Ice Cream brand with the slogan "Kept Cool Since 1977".

Underground Ice Cream, is a quality ice cream that also taps into today’s trend, where you do not have to compromise on taste in relation to the number of calories.

The design is new and colorful, but the ambition remains to make uncompromising ice cream.