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Turn the Bottle Upside Down
The soft drink brand Nikoline was launched in 1978 as a tribute to the founder Nikoline Nielsen. The classic brand needed to be revitalized.

The brand Nikoline is well known in Denmark as a quality soft drink due to the content of fruits. Nikoline contain 30 % less sugar, 10 % fruit juice and no artificial additives. But the users need to turn the bottle upside down to get the fully taste.
Inspired by an older point of sale sign, which we dropped over to our stock of old advertising signs, we got the idea for a new concept for Nikoline.

We created a catcher by letting the consumer believe that the advertisements have been erroneously placed upside down. That way we remind the consumer that the Nikoline bottle has to be "Turned Upside Down".

The campaign got higher attention in the target group (women 25-45 years with children 8-16 years old) and was shared more through social media than ever before.