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Renowned Crime Scene Investigator caught clueless in spectacular Starmark experiment.
People who are considering buying a used car worry about the history of the car. For instance, what has the car been used for? For many people this will be the main reason for not buying a used car.

Starmark is Denmark's largest pre-owned premium car dealership. They claim that they can erase the history of any used car using their unique mechanical and cosmetic cleaning program. They claim that whatever happened, didn't happen. We decided to put this claim to the ultimate test.

In order to test the claim, we invited Jørn Moos, one of Denmark's most skilled crime scene investigators, to search for traces and thereby conclude what had happened in three different cars. Before Jørn Moos started investigating the cars, they had undergone some rather tough treatment.
In the first car, the passenger cabin functioned as a rehearsal space for a hard rock band; shirtless and lathered in sweat they head banged their way through a full set of rock songs. In the second car, a young and agile couple had sex. In the third and last car, events were somewhat more calmed - but nonetheless surprising. Waist deep in a massive pile of prawns sat two prawn-peelers and peeled prawns as best as they could.
Despite a long career as an investigator, Jørn Moos was not able to solve what had happened in either of the three used cars.

It proves that Starmarks unique mechanical and cosmetic cleaning program really does live up to the claim: Whatever happened, didn't happen.