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Changing for winter tires too late is a bad habit, and bad for traffic safety.
Denmark's largest car dealership, Ejner Hessel, was having trouble with their customers all showing up at the same time of year to have their winter tires changed. It leads too longer waiting time and a poorer customer experience.

We needed to get people to change for winter tires earlier - to create a better customer experience. At the same time, this would increase traffic safety.
Temperature Discount - at higher outside temperature you would get a higher discount on changing your winter tires. We did this by tracking data form the popular weather forecast service When the temperature went down, so did the discount. If 18 degrees, 18 % discount. If 9 degrees, 9 % discount. Thereby, we generated a lot of traffic to EH's campaign site and web shop, where people could lock in on a temperature-specific discount and book the tire change.

Quickly the campaign became a success with a 110 % increase in sales of winter tires for personal cars compared to the previous year. Customers have had their tires changed earlier than previous years, and there were 5 times as many visitors to the campaign site compared to the previous years.