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Adventure on the channels, a new communications universe
82% of all households in Denmark already have access to NabolandsKanalerne, but the average Dane has over 1200 hours of content to choose from on other traditional channels.
NabolandsKanalerne represent Denmark’s neighboring public service channels from Germany, Sweden and Norway. They offer the highest quality television programs - crime, drama, documentaries, music, theater and gastronomy are all world-class. Often award-winning and often innovative, these channels and programs are not necessarily the top-of-mind channels for Danish audiences.

We were challenged to grow brand awareness and establish a platform that NabolandsKanalerne could use to differentiate themselves.
Tasked with creating a unique platform that would differentiate NabolandsKanalerne through their offer of high-quality content, high-production value and cultural cross-over, we looked at the true differentiation elements that would have NabolandsKanalerne stand out in an overcrowded content market.

Discovery and wonder are the two fundamental pillars that these high-quality public service channels pride itself on. The creative strategy built on inviting audiences to sail through the channels on a discovery path that would lead to a new rich viewing experience.
We chose to raise the visual universe to the high standard that NabolandsKanalerne on the exhilaratingly beautiful content. Substantiated, with activities and communications directed at the three distinct audiences: viewers, the channel hosts and politicians.

We bet on a strategy of image and brand communications, pulling focus off one-time viewers who chose the channel based on one program and increased awareness of the NabolandsKanalerne as a channel.

This is all supported by tactical activation of the individual series, films and documentaries shown from week to week.