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Many Danes associate Lidl with discount products and have a number of negative prejudices about the grocery chain, that don't hold up in reality.
Using the new brand platform #LidlOverrasker, Lidl wants to communicate that they can serve up a wholesome platter of low prices and high-quality products. Lidl is a stand-out supermarket, with much more to offer than affordable prices. The smell of freshly baked pastries, their wide range of specialities from many culinary world corners, lots of organic produce and fresh Danish local products - all at really good prices. Lidl simply surprises on all parameters - and this is what Lidl wishes to communicate.

By creating an event at the Michelin restaurant, Frederikshøj, Lidl surprises its audience by the showing that quality and low prices can go hand-in-hand. We would like to touch some of the prejudices that some Danes have about Lidl.

Lidl is immensely proud of their products, suppliers and the fact that they are able to offer prices to their customers, Lidl see themselves as a leader in democratizing quality.
With the new brand communications platform, #LidlOverrasker, Lidl is able to touch upon the many prejudices and assumptions that Danish consumers have about their stores and brand.
The solution was received with a standing ovation from both the client and the public.

Within a week of its release, the post had received 2,8 million views, 15,000 likes and become a hot conversation topic over the Christmas holidays with 3400 shares and 2500 comments.

Lidl Denmark's Marketing and Communications Director has expressed her enthusiasm with the developed solution, "I am very pleased with the cooperation with TBWA, and we look forward to showing the Danes how Lidl can surprise them".