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Stop smoking. Start living.
Call 80 31 31 31 and let's talk you into improving your remaining life quality.
When it comes to quitting the cigarettes the well educated part of the population is doing much better than people with no or short educations. Studies on social inequality and mortality reveal that smoking and drinking alcohol account for the major part of the social inequality and almost the total increase in health inequality since 1985.
Sundhedsstyrelsen (Danish Health Authorities) supports Stoplinien, a telephone service where smokers can get help and support to quit smoking. The assignment was to create a campaign that not only promoted Stoplinien but did it in a manner that enabled the target group to realize that quitting would actually serve a purpose.
This target group - 40+, low education - would take no notice of a scare campaign. Life's too short, it's easier to look the other way. Instead TBWA & BBDO in the campaign focused on life after quitting.

In TV commercials identifiable case persons told about their lives after quitting the cigarettes. How they could now taste the food and play with their grandchildren. The TVCs were accompanied by ads, a Facebook site plus materials for local municipal activities and events in shopping centres etc.
On an overall basis, throughout the three campaign bursts in 2015-2017 the number of calls to Stoplinien 80 31 31 31 has tripled in the campaign period. Furthermore, and maybe even more important with respect to the long term results of the campaign, the Stoplinien staff reported of a huge increase in the number of 'reflecting' calls with a lot of references to statements and details in the TVCs. Indicating that the communication strategy is working on this specific target group.

Also the average duration of a call increased with approximately 35 %.