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Inspirational campaign creating synergy between AtL and BtL
How do you establish frequency and relevance for one of the oldest food brands in Denmark while at the same time making it synonymous with well cooked, home made everyday fast food?
Bähncke is one of the oldest and best known food brands in Denmark - the challenge though, is that most of Bähncke's sale takes place during the summer/barbecue season.

The owner of the Bähncke brand Orkla Foods A/S wanted to market Bähncke's product line as relevant ingredients for the family's well cooked, home made everyday fast food. And this should be rolled out in an integrated campaign establishing synergy between AtL and the stores.
We took the opportunity to dust off the company's famous tag-line “Intet bord uden Bähncke” (No table without Bähncke) going all the way back to 1932 and used it as the trigger to display a lot of inspirational everyday dishes with max food appeal.

According to Orkla's media agency OMD the campaign across media - in combination with short SoMe video formats - reached a low CPM per 1.000 views offering 25 % more coverage than expected.