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"I har grimme kasser, Aarhus."
Eat GRIM is a Danish based distributor of unwanted and ugly fruit and vegetable boxes as a sustainable option for consumers.
Founded in 2018 by Petra Kauka and Carolin Schiermer, the duo at GRIM has turned food, that would normally be lost in today’s food supply chain, intro a delicious product and service for people and businesses.

Sourced directly form the farm, GRIM buys and distributes the 1 out of 3 fruits and vegetables that normally would have been discarded because of unfair beauty standards and overproduction.
The task for TBWA\Copenhagen, in collaboration with GRIM, was to create a campaign to promote and create brand awareness as their services expand to Aarhus.

With a limited startup budget, the aim was to gain as much exposure as possible, meanwhile communicating the many positive contributions choosing GRIM has in order, naturally to increase sales.

With both outdoor ads placed in central Aarhus, and an intensified digital presence. TBWA created an outdoor based campaign that would make bypasses turn their heads and look twice - as everything isn’t at is seems. Much like the GRIM fruits and vegetables.

The campaign resulted in an overall increase of customers and website users from Aarhus. To be exact, 300% increase in new customers, 290% increase in website users and 99% increase in active subscribers – not bad for a campaign with a small budget.